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Functional Web Pages that I have worked on, graphics & code, for both school & real world projects. Please click the thumbnails to experience the sites.

Myofascial Release by Ruth Mitchell–Galladay

Myofascial Release by Ruth Mitchell-Galladay

Home Builders Tim Arner & Sons

Tim Arner & Sons, Inc. Home Builders

Butterfly Spa & Massage in Roanoke. A mobile layout was included in this project.

Butterfly Spa & Massage in Roanoke

Sal's Italian Restaurant in Roanoke. The site has a mobile layout. The menus are PDF downloads.

Sal's Italian Restuarant in Roanoke

A project with Paradigm Designs of VA too which I contributed the graphics and coded the layout based on a design by Troy Cole.

TuniNa Link

Fictional Car site for a school project. Car logos are © and/or ™ by respective companies.

Red Line Auto Link

Fictional movie theatre site as a re-design for the real site West Lake Cinema

SML Cinema Link

Both a real world project and a project for school. A Word Press conversion is in-progress

TheraPets Link